Kenya Airways seeks and works with both local and international partners to support an array of activities in the diverse communities it operates in. Kenya Airways has distinguished itself in the amount of support that it lends to sports development in Kenya.

The airline’s sports sponsorship portfolio is borne out of an acknowledgment of the need to harness the rich sporting talent in the country. The airline recognizes the unique role that sports play in shaping the identity of the Kenyan nation and thus takes pride in support of its development in the country. In participation such as the World Rally Championship (WRC), Safari Rally and the Magical Kenya Open (MKO). 


Kenya Airways plays a vital role in creating vital linkages between Kenya and the international market, on which tourism and other key sectors depend and thrive.  With the access we have to most African destinations and beyond, we are a partner of choice for tourism marketers and conference facilities. Our airline is poised to be beneficial to these industries especially in Africa and we have indeed signed several partnership agreements in this regard.

We partner with the tourism sector players both locally and internationally as must not only enhance our attractiveness as the preferred tourist destination in all of our traditional tourist markets but must also seek to position Kenya as the tourists’ choice on the continent to every potential visitor.

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