30 Jan 2024

A Day In the Life of A Claims Assistant | Rebecca Ochieng'

A Day In the Life Of a Claims Assistant | Rebecca Ochieng'
  • What's your day like upon waking up? 

I wake up at 5:45 am then spend about 15 minutes meditating, expressing gratitude for all I have (I have a gratitude list). I then make a simple and short prayer and hit the ground running. 


  • What’s your morning routine like?  

My morning routine is pretty simple. Following prayer, I select an outfit for the day, freshen up, and before heading out, I ensure to start the day with a refreshing glass of water to kickstart the morning.  


  • What do you need to plan for work before you leave home? 

My 'TO-DO' list is a must have. It entails promptly responding to emails which involve addressing new staff travel insurance certificate requests and liaising with our brokers. Additionally, I handle baggage claims by processing payments, acknowledging new claims, and ensuring that offers for fully documented claims are efficiently processed. WIBA Claims are next on the list, where I follow up on GPA/WIBA recoveries with our brokers, review existing claims with our loss adjusters, and acknowledge any new WIBA claim that may arise. The passenger liability section involves creating new claims in the system and requesting necessary documentation from the support department. Lastly, keeping everything up-to-date is crucial, from court case updates to responding to queries from our lawyers and ensuring proper documentation is provided. Additionally, I actively pursue third-party non-aviation claim recoveries to ensure a comprehensive and well-maintained work plan.


  • Take us through your typical day 

Starting my workday around 7:55 am, I prioritize tasks on my 'TO-DO' list. Managing emails, I respond promptly to internal and external queries, handle staff travel insurance certificates, and follow up on passenger payments. Besides my role as a Claims Assistant, I actively contribute to the Finance Communication Champions team which is tasked with planning and executing annual team buildings and CSR activities for the Finance Department. I'm also part of the KQ disposal committee, where we discuss and plan item disposals. This routine allows me to balance core responsibilities and contribute to departmental initiatives seamlessly. 


  • When and how does your day end ?

Wrapping up around 5 pm, I perform a final review of my to-do list to track completed, ongoing, and pending tasks. I use this evaluation to create a fresh to-do list for the following day. I then head to the KQ gym for a workout lasting 1 to 1.5 hours, adjusting the duration based on my energy levels. This routine not only concludes my workday but also ensures a balanced and active end to my evening. 

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