25 Jan 2024

Meet Paul Mugo, a Voice Over Thespian

  • How did you discover your passion for voice acting, and what drew you to this unique form of expression? 

Growing up, I used to watch a lot of animations and adverts. I constantly mimicked different tone variations often muting the TV to voice the lines myself. Fast forward to working at Moi International Airport, announcing departures became second nature. The positive feedback I received from guests about the clarity of my announcements fueled my decision to pursue voice acting professionally. 


  • Can you share a favourite or memorable project you've worked on as a voice actor? What made it special? 

I recently auditioned for the KQ boarding/preboarding announcement—a special one for me as it marked my first project in Swahili. Adjusting clarity, enunciation, and pacing to cater to a diverse audience made it uniquely challenging. The experience of seamlessly adapting to a new language and ensuring effective communication made this project truly memorable. 


  • How do you prepare for a new voice-over role? Do you have any specific techniques to get into character? 

When prepping for a new role, I paint a mental picture of the expected audience. I focus on controlling my breaths and pacing, aligning inflection with the desired characterization. It's about creating a voice that not only speaks but resonates with the audience's expectations. 


  • What challenges do you find most common in the world of voice acting, and how do you overcome them? 

In voice acting, immersing oneself fully in a character is crucial due to the theatrical vocal demands. However, finding ample time to prepare can be challenging, especially with work schedules and equipment considerations. It's a balancing act, but dedication and efficient time management help overcome these hurdles. 


  • Are there specific genres or types of projects you particularly enjoy working on as a voice actor? 

I find joy in doing animation and audiobook voiceovers. Currently, I'm focused on enhancing my skills for upcoming video games and narrating documentary introductions.  


  • How do you keep your voice in top shape, especially during demanding recording sessions? 

I incorporate humming and singing into my routine. Enunciation and controlled breathing are key, with regular checks on how I articulate words. I also make sure to stay hydrated, adjusting my water intake to achieve the desired tonation.  


  • Can you share a funny or unexpected moment that happened while recording for a project? 

I once attended an audition for a steel advertisement, which required a heavy, authoritative tone or a fine musical voice. To my surprise, I found myself up against a talented lady who effortlessly voiced a heavy metallic tone with natural reverberation effects. Meanwhile, I was asked to play the soft tone. It was a delightful shock and a realization that voice acting is truly an art, not confined by gender-based expectations. 


  • For those interested in pursuing voice acting, what advice would you give them to get started in the industry? 

Pitch genuine interest in the skill. Practice across various voiceover genres, ensuring good alignment with your abilities. Then dedicate time to understand your strengths. The key is to develop clarity and effective communication skills. Voice acting is a rewarding venture, and while it takes time to build, the journey is both interesting and satisfying once you grasp the scope. 


  • Where can our readers find your work, and do you have any upcoming projects they should look out for? 

My work is available on Voice.com, Bodalgo and Fiverr freelance under Paul Mugo. 

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