30 Jan 2024

Meet M'mbetsa Mwando | 3D Card Designer

3D Card Designer | M'mbetsa Mwando
  • How did you get into painting and design? What inspired you to start creating 3D cards? 

I started drawing while in primary school but realized my full potential when I joined secondary school where I learnt about painting and graphic designing.  I've had this passion to be an artist since i was 6yrs old.  Now when i talk about 3D cards, I’m simply referring to cards that have volume, adding a visual and tactile texture. I wanted to craft cards that serve two functions - one, conveying the message and two, a home decoration. 


  • How do you come up with new card ideas? 

Coming up with fresh ideas is largely influenced by customer input. The design inspiration often arises from their specific orders, prompting me to create designs that match their expectations. In the world of card design, the key is to tailor each creation to meet the unique specifications and desires of the customer. 


  • Tell us about the different card designs and how long it takes to create each of them. 

Most of my cards are crafted by hand, employing different techniques. One method I use is assemblage, where I piece together pre-made materials to create a card. It's simply an assembly of materials. The second technique involves creating everything entirely by hand from scratch. The time required for designing these cards varies, typically taking between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the level of detail and intricacy desired. 


  • What are some of the most interesting tools / materials you have used in the card-making process?  

While most of the materials I use are conventional and locally sourced, one particularly interesting material I've used is bamboo bark.  


  • What's the most challenging aspect of creating 3D cards, and how do you overcome it? 

Challenges often arises when a customer provides a specific theme for the card, such as a wedding card with a musical theme. Integrating these elements effectively requires one to find a balance that simplifies the design while ensuring it remains impactful. To overcome this challenge, I engage in multiple thumbnail sketches, experimenting with various ideas to select the concept that best suits the card's theme. 


  • What do you enjoy most about being a painter and designer of 3D cards? 

Art allows one to express himself/herself freely and in the most effective way. It's not only a means of conveying inner feelings and thoughts but also a source of inspiration for others.  


  • Do you have a favourite card design you've created so far? Why is it special to you? 

 My favourite design features handmade paper flowers. This holds special significance as I created it for my wife on our first anniversary. Cards that are entirely handmade, like this one, are so dear to me. I use these to rate my creativity. 


  • What advice would you give to aspiring artists and designers? 

My advice is simple—find joy and love in what you do. Art serves as a medium of expression that allows one to convey their feelings, ideas, and arguments to an audience without relying solely on words. 


  • What's your biggest dream or goal as a painter and designer in the future? 

My greatest aspiration as an artist is to establish my own art gallery where I can showcase my artworks and other collections from various artists. Additionally, I aspire to collaborate with KQ, to design appreciation cards for different stakeholders such as retiring staff or our esteemed platinum elite guests.  


  • For our curious readers who might want to explore your amazing 3D card designs, where can they find your work or reach out to you for custom designs? 

You can find my card designs on Instagram @beluvuno3.

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